petak, 3. listopada 2008.


Finally, we have totally redesigned our web site!
For now we have only redesigned the web site, not the actual application, blog or forum.

But not to worry all that will also be redesigned in the days to come.

Please let us know what you think in the comments.

ponedjeljak, 1. rujna 2008.

Bugs and fixes

Today we put up the new version of our FTP explorer, which now enables you to cut,copy and pate files and folder not only on the FTP server your working on, but over to any other FTP server you have setup on PHPanywhere.

Also we fixed the Save button bug (essentially you could only save the file once, then you would have to log off to save again).

So keep reporting those bugs and we’ll keep fixing them. :)

subota, 30. kolovoza 2008.

Forum is Up!

Yes we put up a forum, no posts up yet though.

Oh…and besides that its as ugly as hell! But now worry we will do a design redux soon.

But besides all that it works, and hopefully it will let you guys use better, and of course help up make it better.

Check it out @

ponedjeljak, 25. kolovoza 2008.


Finally, yes we now have our own logo!
The logo is purposely reminiscent of PHP's yet it isn't a simple copy but rather it has its own individualism which should reflect our web site/application.

Please let us know what you think in the comments.

New Team Member

It took us a while but we now have a new addition to our team, dedicated only to design and marketing.

So you can expect a lot of new cool things to be spring out in the days to come, although the other team members will keep working on the functionally of the actual application of course. :)

petak, 22. kolovoza 2008.

FTP explorer has been upgraded

There are now two main menu items in the ftp explorer: "Server" and "File/Folder".
The second one features commands for manipulating with files; now you can cut/copy/paste files across server(s) and rename/delete files you want.
This new feature has been put on for testing. It is in early development stage and needs to be tested.
Also, new features are being developed. You will be able to create files, create/copy/delete folders soon and upload/download files.
In the future you can expect support for copying large files.

New bug

A bug was reported yesterday when saving a file or when code highlighting, the application would "swallow" backslashes.
We have fixed it.